After many years of supplying systems and products for the Fluid Storage & Dispensing market, The IFH Group has chosen a long-term partner to transition this product line to LubriSource, Inc. This transition will ensure the continuation of meeting the needs and expectation of current and future customers for Fluid Handling and Dispensing needs of multiple industries.

The IFH Group will honor the warranty of purchase orders up to 1/24/2023 and orders sold by the IFH Group

Going forward please reach out to LubriSource, Inc. or for quotes, distributor contacts, product updates and purchase orders.

The IFH Group truly appreciates your support of LubriSource, Inc. and the support of this product line in future years.

We look forward to the great service LubriSource, Inc. will bring to this industry segment.

Send Inquires to: 
LubriSource, Inc.
or call 937-432-9292