About Us

At IFH Group, our products are dependable—and so are our people. We take pride in our hardworking team, our advanced manufacturing technology and our cooperative spirit. We work together with customers to meet their needs, and our employees come together to build tanks that exceed customers’ expectations.

For us, success comes from mutual respect—for our fellow employees, our customers and the OEMs we serve. Our reputation inspires confidence. Our relationships inspire trust. And our employees inspire each other to deliver the highest quality product, every single day. By empowering employees to help each other, they help us provide components that stand the test of time.

News & Information

We’re known. We’re trusted. And we’re making headlines.

ISO Certification

Our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

ISO Certifications

Our History

IFH Group started in 1945 as King’s Weld Shop of Rock Falls, Illinois, a two-man operation that was known regional for fixing anything, from farm equipment to trailers. When the company was incorporated in 1966, our fabrication work expanded and our operation moved into a 20,000-square-foot facility.

In the decades that followed, our company changed names, expanded our offerings and became a national and international supplier—eventually developing a niche and becoming IFH Group in 1998. Today, IFH Group is the largest manufacturer of small, customized fuel and hydraulic reservoir tanks in the country, occupying a 131,000-square-foot facility in our longtime hometown of Rock Falls.

Mission Statement

To be the leading resource to the markets we serve by utilizing innovation, automation and technology, and to enhance the lives of our customers, our employees and their families by serving the national and international marketplace better than all others.